TEMPORARY SPRINKLING has been providing temporary lawn irrigation sprinkling services in Waukesha and the Greater Milwaukee Area since 2000.
The owner has retired as of 2018.


The owner has retired and all temporary sprinkling equipment is available for sale.

  • 1100 feet of garden hoses sufficient for a 1/2 acre site
  • Fifteen 4-zone automated timers for 1 acre site
  • 100 sprinkler units (30 foot radius) for 1 acre site.

Contact Gary for additional information at (414) 839-5756 or via email gary@temporarysprinkling.com

How it Works

A temporary irrigation system consists of many feet of garden hoses, above ground sprinklers and associated timers.

  • Providing 100% water coverage of seeded area
  • water any particular area up to 3 times a day if desired
  • maintain continuous soil moisture to achieve good germination
  • No pooling of water caused by over watering
  • precision watering of only your lawn