Fully automated system

No or negligible owner involvement required

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3/4 acre capability

We provide all the necessary equipment for a turnkey system.

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TEMPORARY SPRINKLING has been providing temporary lawn irrigation sprinkling services in Waukesha and the Greater Milwaukee Area since 2000.


TEMPORARY SPRINKLING provides temporary sprinkling irrigation services for newly seeded and sod lawns and as well as nursery stock in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

  • Rental of equipment 1/4 acre to 5 acres.
  • 1/5 of the cost of a permanent system.
  • Turnkey system with all required hoses and timers.
  • No hassle and saves time
  • Typical rental period is 5 weeks.

How it Works

A temporary irrigation system consists of many feet of garden hoses, above ground sprinklers and associated timers.

  • Providing 100% water coverage of seeded area
  • water any particular area up to 3 times a day if desired
  • maintain continuous soil moisture to achieve good germination
  • No pooling of water caused by over watering
  • precision watering of only your lawn

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